Apartment Lighting, School & Church Electrical Services

Apartment, School & Church Electrical Services

Brda Electric is an experienced, full-service commercial electrical contractor serving the lighting needs of apartments, schools and churches in the St. Louis area. Choose Brda Electric to handle your projects safely and efficiently.

Commerical Electrical Services

Need design-build assistance, lighting system construction, maintenance or upgrades to improve your commercial building or property? Let us help!

  • New Construction

    New Construction and Remodeling

    A large part of Brda Electric’s business focuses on new commercial electrical installation. We have completed numerous large projects, including:

    • Electrical work for new church lighting systems and facilities
    • Auditorium stage lighting projects for schools, colleges and universities
    • Complete apartment lighting and electrical systems for large scale property management firms

    We also specialize in tenant finish construction and remodeling to realize the renovation goals for your apartment complex, school, or religious institution’s future.

  • Commercial Electrical Upgrades

    Commercial Electrical Upgrades

    Is the existing electrical service for your apartment building, school or church inadequate? Brda Electric can evaluate your current demand, determine your future needs, and make the necessary upgrades to allow for expansion. We work closely with local utility companies to ensure that every installation happens quickly, safely and efficiently.

  • Fire Alarm Systems

    Fire Alarm Systems

    Electrical problems cause many apartment, school and church fires. These include improperly used extension cords, damaged flexible cords, overloaded circuits, and defective appliances.

    Brda Electric can provide your apartment complex, school, or church with a comprehensive fire alarm system. We work closely with many fire alarm suppliers, monitoring companies and fire marshals to ensure complete and operable fire alarm systems.

    Follow these DOs and DON’Ts to prevent fires at your commercial building:

    • DO have electrical installations and wiring installed and maintained by a qualified electrician.
    • DON’T use extension cords to replace permanent electrical wiring. Extension cords are designed for temporary use only. Make sure the wiring size is appropriate for the amperage of the appliance it is supplying, and only use damage-free UL-listed cords.
    • DO ensure flexible cords to appliances (like lamps, toasters, etc.) are in good condition and place them where they are not subject to damage. Always replace damaged, frayed, dried, or cracked cords.
    • DON’T plug in more appliances than an outlet will accept. Plugging too many devices into one circuit can exceed the wiring capacity, resulting in overheating, which can cause a fire.

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Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job that your guys did on the lighting on our apartment building. The residents are very happy and feel a lot safer there now! ... If there are any other electrical issues I’ll be sure to send them your way.

— Rose K.

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We've got your back

We assist property managers and owners with normal electrical maintenance items as well as fire alarm certifications and compliance, project monitoring, lightning protection solutions and service, long-term economical building and site lighting options.

Our experienced electricians are on call to service any electrical issue your apartment complex, school or church may encounter. We offer electrical solutions for property management firms for all types of properties, large or small. Whether you need light bulbs changed, a new outlet installed in a workstation, or a complete building relighting project, Brda Electric is a trusted commercial electrical contractor that can get the job done right, the first time. Keep your tenants, students, visitors and staff well-lit and safe – choose Brda Electric.

We’re Proud of our Work

We take special pride in participating on projects that create a stronger community. Construction and renovation of schools and religious institutions offer unique challenges and opportunities that we are especially qualified to tackle. Our skilled team and client focus allow us to maintain project management consistency, assist in long term planning and ensure that necessary safety precautions are taken on-site for the protection of all participants. We are also conscious of the flexibility required during construction of these facilities due to the high volume of people that can be involved and the inability to shut down the site completely during construction.