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Known for their timely professionalism and expertise, our team of licensed electricians has been providing 5-star-rated services in Jefferson City for over 33 years. Whether you’re experiencing electric issues at your home or business, you can trust our professionals to take care of them with due diligence. From electrical wiring to parking lighting and beyond — we do it all.

Partnering with us means leaving your project in the hands of seasoned electricians who are well acquainted with Jefferson City’s regulations and environment.

I have several rental properties and I have found that it is very hard to find good electricians at a reasonable price. Not only was BRDA reasonable, but they did a beautiful job and did it all very quickly! Time is money and they did not make me wait for bids, repairs and extra jobs I added on during the process. I will use them again and again. They were also very respectful of my homes and did not make a mess for me to have to come back and clean up later! 5 Star service

- Danielle Velis, Google My Business Review

Electrical Services in Jefferson City

Living in the beautiful Jefferson City, Missouri area comes with a few unwelcome extras. Residents know all too well that the city can experience some severe weather, meaning power outages and other issues are not uncommon.

To ensure your home or business has access to reliable power, you need electricians who can navigate any storm.

Brda’s electricians in Jefferson City know all the hurdles of the local power infrastructure and how to overcome them. For maximum customer satisfaction, we approach each project – residential or commercial – with great expertise and understanding of your unique electrical needs.

Home Generators

Get ahead of unexpected power outages by having our specialized electricians perform a home generator installation to ensure your lights and other essential appliances stay on.

Home Circuit Breakers

Brda Electric offers repair services for circuit breakers and replacement for outdated electrical panels to ensure all appliances in your home or business are powered effectively.

Home Ethernet Wiring

Take the guesswork out of installing home ethernet cables yourself and have one of our qualified electricians do it for you.

Residential Lighting

Our team of skilled electrical contractors can brighten and illuminate your home to your style preferences while keeping costs low.

Residential EV Charger Installation

Enjoy the convenience of charging your electric vehicle at home by having one of our electricians install an EV charging station in your residence.

Commercial Data Cabling

Whether you’re expanding your office space or moving to a new building, we can securely wire your property with the latest data cabling technologies.

Commercial Circuit Breakers

Our experienced engineers and technicians provide a comprehensive range of services for circuit breakers, switchgear, and other electrical equipment.

Commercial Security Camera Installation

Reliable security camera installation is a necessity for any business. Our seasoned technicians will ensure all security systems and lighting are properly installed.

A Wide Variety of Other Electrical Services

  • Boring, Trenching, and Backhoe
  • Electrical Repair
  • Electrical Service Upgrade
  • LED Warehouse Lighting
  • Parking Lot Pole Lighting
  • Storm and Flood Repair
  • Voice and Data Systems

Previously, Brda did a wonderful job finishing our basement. So, it was a no-brainer to call on Brda again for our latest project which included the installation of two ceiling fans, 2 ceiling lights, 4 recessed lights, and wiring to install new wall switches for the new lights.

Adam L took the lead this time and led the project to another Brda success. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Adam and the electrical education that he provided to help us make decisions.

As he progressed through the project, he kept us in the loop as he corrected wiring that did not meet current coding standards. Adam demonstrated appreciation for finer details and current trends like making sure that our long and heavy dining room light was level; helping us choose the blade colors for the ceiling fan; and recommending programmable low profile recessed lights versus the typical can lights.

We highly recommend Brda for their timeliness, electrical knowledge, attention to details and price. And they are simply a pleasure to work with!

- Terry Mitchell, Google My Business Review

Need trusted electricians in the Jefferson City, MO area? Brda Electric is well-known among locals for the quality service. Reach out to us to get a fast estimate for any of your electrical needs.